Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We are sorry to inform you all that Bent died this morning - 25.07.12.  Love from his family

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little sailtrip.

Another nice day at sea.
Took my British friends out for for a afternoon trip last Monday June 11th.
Sailed off around noon. The sky was looking pretty grey, so I was afraid off rain.
Turned out to be no rain, but sunny and nice.
We had good wind going south towards the Pitons.
Pamela was flying back to UK that day, so we had to be back before 4pm.
Didn't have time to go all the way to the Pitons, but far enough to see them both.
Turned around and motored north again to Anse Cochon bay.
Matt and Sabina snorkeled from the boat to the beach, and Pamela and me took the dingy
inn with towels and cloths.
We had a nice lunch at Ti Kay restaurant at the beach.
Motored back up to Marigot, and was there at 4pm.
As far as I know, Pamela made the plane.
Matt was here for scuba diving, but had taken a day off.
Sabina is building a house together with Brett.

From left to right: Pamela, Sabina and Matt

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A sailtrip with friends I met.

A day trip to Pitons.
One day I met two very nice girls from Canada, Michele and Joanne. They had met
a couple living in Portugal, where he was from Norway and she from UK,
Frank and Janni.
I asked them out for sailing next day to the Pitons, and so we did.
Frank said he would love to come out sailing, and that's all he said, beside
telling me that he was 82 years old.
When he asked me how old I think he was, I said 70 years. Wrong.
Michele and Frank with the Pitons in the back.
Joanne watching for whales.
Janni in the middle.

I asked Frank if he would like to steer, and he said I would like to.
He was doing very well, so I gave him compliment.
He said he used to sail many many years ago.
He had sailed a 32 feet boat with an American for 5 years between
Alaska, Canada and New Zealand. Wow, I said.
You have much more experience than me, and probably 3 times more miles, or more.
No wonder he knew how to steer a boat.
We had a great day on the sea.
Frank had moved from Norway in 1949, then sailed and later
started a health center in south Portugal, Lagos.
That's were me met Janni.
Since we had an Norwegian onboard, I thought I had to play an old
Norwegian sailer song from Erik Bye.
Frank had never heard it before.
And deffinetly not Michele, Joanne and Janni.
Turn up the volume and click on the play botton below,
and let it down loud.
(Some wind in the microphone to start with, but better later.)

Michele is a plant manager on a gas construction plant in the wilderness
in Canada, and Joanne used to do the same.
Sad to see them leave after 8 days. Specially Michele.

National day of Norway

17th. of May is the national day of Norway.
Norway only been independent since 1905.
We were part of Denmark in 300 years, but in 1814 Denmark
lost a war against Sweden, so they had to give away Norway to Sweden.
Norway was mainly a farmer and fishing village, and not worth a shit.
So in 1905 the Swedes let us out.
Today I think Norway is '10 times' more worth than both Sweden and Denmark together.
We used to have only potatoes and fish, but in the 60's we found oil and gas.

Well, there was no parade in Marigot Bay, since I am the only Norwegian here for the moment.
My Norwegian crew from February had given me a selection of Miniature
bottles of all the different Norwegian Aquavit's ( a snaps)
The owner of Bateau Mygo boat charter, Frank and Kevin joined me
in the bar to celebrate the national day of Norway,
and to finish off the Aquavit.
Thanks to Sunny, Per Olav, Nina and Finn who
gave me the flag and the Aquavit.

Bigger boats

Some have bigger boats than others.
Having your boat here in Marigot Bay is very exiting.
There is many super yacht coming in the narrow bay.
Here are some of the boat passing just in front of Zephyr.
This is a replica of a old ketch, and is built in 2010.

Should be room enough for a BIG PARTY.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day tour to Pitons.

Friday the 4th. of May I met two beautiful girls from New York at a local bar here
in Marigot Bay. I got in talk with them, and they told me that they had
taken a 4 - 5 days trip to St. Lucia to get out of town and get some Sunshine.
The weather hadn't been to good, and they had just hang around the pool at the hotel.
Everybody visiting St. Lucia should see the Pitons, so I offered them a sail trip
next day down to the Pitons.
I was together with my friends Nick and Maggie at the bar, so I invited them also.
Next morning we were lucky with the weather, and we sailed off at 10 am.
Sarah and Allison had bought beer, cheese, salami, grapes and bread.
We had a few beers, But Nick invited us for lunch at the Jalousie restaurant and hotel,
which is located on the white sand beach between the Pitons.
It's a 5 star beautiful hotel. Check it out on following link:

So we never get to eat the food on board, but I have been enjoying
it by myself the days after.
Thank you Sarah and Allison.

Sarah and Allison.

Zephyr on mooring at the Pitons.

This are pictures from Sarah, and she tells me in her mail, that
they are planning to take sailing lessons. Very good.

Hope to see  them back soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

With Stig Hatlo and the Norwegian gang.

10 days sail trip with Norwegians.
The famous Norwegian sailor Stig Hatlo had booked my boat for two weeks, from April 10th.
He comes over 3-4 times a year and bring some friends with him.
Stig was part of the first Norwegian boat, Berge Viking to compete in the
Whitbread around the world race in 1981-82.
His been coming to the Caribbean since 1980, so he knows all the islands, and are friends of many people living on the islands.
It's been very much fun to be with him on our 10 days sail tour.
This time he brought two friends from Larvik Norway,
Ole Martin and Olav.

From left, Ole Martin, Stig and Olav.

I meet Stig first time here in Marigot Bay in December last year.
When he called me just after new year and asked if he could rent my boat for two weeks,
I sad yes, but I am coming with you. Zephyr is my home, so the boat is not going any were
without me on board. Also i new it would be a fun trip with him and his friends.
And it has been a great time with lot's of fun and interesting stories and jokes.
Stigs brother, Anders Hatlo, is a famous Norwegian Actor, and
Stig himself has the same skills for sure.

We started from Marigot Bay Wednesday afternoon April 11th.
First stop was by the Piton mountains, were we tied up to a mooring and took the dingy
into a resort called 'The Hummingbird' were we had a wonderful dinner and a few
cocktails. Next morning we sailed out at 07.30, heading for Bequia.
We had a great crossing of 10 hours, and made it in time for the Thursday
steel pan concert at Frange Pani.
Next day we were invited for dinner to a Norwegian with name Peter Røran.
Peter is famous for all the Norwegian sailors that come to Bequia.
He has been living there for 27 years after his wooden Colin Archer 49 feet
boat crashed in a reef outside Union island one night 27 years ago.
The name of the boat is Fredag ( Friday) and was rescued and sold
to another Norwegian from Haugesund Norway, were the boat is today.
I have just started reading his book called.
'The death of the cockroaches'
He moved to Bequia were him and his wife Mariann settled and made a living.
He later built his house by himself, wich should be hurricane proof.
Peters house at Bequia.
Inside construction.

His deeping pool looking out towards Mystique island.
From left, Peter, Stig, me and Ole Martin.

Next day we started before noon, heading for Salt Whistle Bay
at the island Mayreau. I had never stoped there before, just past by.
But I will stop again next time I am in the area.
Beautiful white sand beach and a few bars and restaurants.
The beach at Salt Whistle Bay.

One of the bars were we had lobster is called:
'The last bar before the jungle'
It might not have any stars at the Michelin guide,
but they made excellent  BBQ lobster. 

And big once.

This was for lunch after one night by anchor.
The day before we went on the beach on the east side, and had a swim.

The Arnold Swartznegger position.
Well, well......

At night we went for dinner on the other side of the island,
at Dennis hide away bar and restaurant.
Fantastic evening.

After the lobster lunch we went to the east reef, called
Tobago Cays.

Here is my favorite vendor. Mr. Walter.
He delivers bread and Ice in the morning, and have a large
collection of T-shirts.
He has also invested in golden teeth's
Walter is always helpfull. This time my dingy was gone 4 am.
He cold his and my friend Carlos, which took his boat and looked
alonge the north beach of Union and cold his friend Sam at Mayreua.
Sam had found it in the rocks at the east beach. Everything was
stil working and the two sets of fins and snorkeling masks was in the dingy.
I paid Sam 700 EC dollar,(250 USD)  and everybody was happy again.
Without a dingy, you are very helpless in the Caribbean.
Stig enjoying the suroundings at the Cays.

Next stop was the smalest island I have been to here.
But it has a name, and a parasol. We anchored outside, and took the dingy to the beach.

Mopion island.
Picture taken from the end of the island, so that's the size of it.
Next nabour island is Petit Martinique were we went for lunch.
Petit Martinique.
It has nothing to do with Martinique island. And it belongs
to Grenada terretory.
The island in the back ground is Petit St. Vincent.

For the night we went to Clifton Union island.
And of course we went to Happy island and visited Janti.
This is always a success.

Happy island.

Happy at Happy island, with a rum punch.

We had a great time there. It's some fantastic work Janti has done, building
up the whole island using thousens of conch shells, and put them on a sand bank
inside the reef around the harbour.'

The tiki bar.
This was the most south point on our sail tour, so we headed north next morning.
Mystique was the next goal, but we dicided to make a night stop over at Canouan island.
We had a great dinner ( and coctails) at a 5 star resort.
The restaurant on the beach.
Watching the sunset with a sunset drink.

Mystique is a private island, but a part of St. Vincent and the Grenedines.
Mr. Colin Tennant bought the island in 1958, to make it a place for
super stars to hide in peace away from puplic and papparazzias.
You can see and learn more about it by google it.

I was there first time around 1984, when I had hired a sailboat for two weeks.
Famous people like Mick Jagger, Rachel Welch, Tommy Hilfinger, Brian Adams etc.
have houses there. I saw Mick Jagger that time, and was invited to Tommy Hilfinger's home.
I had never heard about him at that time, but found his name all over the world later.

We got a taxi to take us around the island, and to Macaroni beach, which supose to
be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Macaroni beach.
Fighting the waves.

The island is very well organized. Clean everywere,
and no ugle telphone pols with hundres of wires, like all the other islands have.
Here everything is in the ground.
Mystique also have a little airport and Mystique airways.
The super stars flyes in from Barbados, St. Lucia or Grenada, which can take the big airplanes.

The fucking turtles, which was given by some of the rich.

We went for a couple drinks to Fire Fly, which is an fancy bar and
resturant. It also have a few rooms.

All the famouse residents come here once in while,
and so did we. Stig had been there many times before, so
a bartender, Patrick, which has been there in 17 years, said
`'HI STIG' when we entered.

Enjoying a Martini to Norwegian price.

Nice dressed up server.

For dinner we went down the hill to Basils bar.
This bar i world famous, and I was there 28 years ago.

Basils bar on the beach.

We left next morning, and had a great sail tour over to Bequia,
just to have lunch at Jake's bar and see Peter again.
After lunch we continued to St. Vincent a Walillabou bay.
This is were the 3 first movies of 'Pitates of Caribbean' was filmed.

Walillabou bay.

The trip from St. Vincent to St. Lucia next morning was
with no wind. We had to motor all the way, and the water was
un normally flat, and it rained all the way.
We had been luck with the weather all the days, until the last,
so we couldn't complain.

Well back at Chateau Mygo, Marigot Bay Friday the 19th. at 3.45 pm
we all agreed that we had have an fantastic tour.
Olav and Ole Martin had never been sailing here before, so they
were very happy about the 10 days at sea.
Saturday we were invited to Doreen' new house up on the top of the hill,
for BBQ and a swim.

BBQ Dorado fish and white wine.
Overlooking Marigot Bay way down there.


One of the biggest private pools on the island.

Sunday we went on a taxi tour to Sufriere, and later
up to LaDera hotel and resturant.
Always very succsess full if you havn't been there before.

One of the rooms. They all have there own pool,
and no wall facing west towards the Piton's

You can check out

Monday we took the boat up north to Rodney bay for a swim and lunch.

One of the vendors selling fruit.
This guy had been doing this there for 27 years.
Notic the Norwegian flag.

A private house in the marina.

The last day we were invited to Beverly's house
in Marigot bay. Bev is one of Doreens sisters.
She made a fantastic breakfast, and at 1pm the guys
had to head for the airport.

Beverly has a beautiful home.

Really hope to see them all again.
I might visit them in Norway this summer.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.